Innovate With Deepa


““We want to make these bits available for you as you innovate new products or to enhance the nutritional value of existing products.” Deepa’s RTE lentil bits are a value added product.

If your product contains grain, quinoa, chia, flax, nuts, seeds, amaranth or American millet, then it’s time to add the another powerhouse nutrient…….RTE lentil bits”

Benefits of Adding Lentils to your product

  • Nutrition

    Low glycemic carbs, plant protein, prebiotic fiber, complex fiber, iron, anti-oxidant, polyphenols

  • Value

    minimally processed, clean label ingredient .

  • Taste

    crunchy, flavorful and ready to eat .

  • Sustainability

    A green solution and earth friendly ingredient .

Consumer Demand: plant-based food and beverage market now exceeds $4.9 billion in U.S. sales, growing 3.5% since 2016.

Deepa’s RTE lentil bits are available in following flavors:

Plain: lentil bits infused with organic turmeric

Khatta: chili – lemon, sea salt

Tikha: cayenne, cumin, garlic, onion citric acid, jalapeno, sea salt, turmeric

Innovative ideas

Add to trail mixes and granola with nuts and seeds and other grains. Make a complete protein combination

  • Topper

    for salads, grains

  • Grain Entrees

    Add to cous cous, quinoa and ancient grain

  • Pre + Pro Duo

    Prebiotic rich topping for probitic rich yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese

  • Bars

    Add it to bars to make savory for sweet bars