Unleashing the Power of Lentils™

Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ is a READY-TO-EAT minimally processed, clean label product containing Probiotic, Prebiotic fiber and super beneficial turmeric. No cleansing agents, harsh preservatives or extrusion methods are used during manufacturing.

100% organic and non-GMO and sprouted.

Supports detoxification and cleansing. Contains Prebiotic Fiber and 1 Billion CFU Probiotic Cultures to promote healthy intestinal flora. Promotes heart health, blood glucose support, weight management.

When combined with a healthy daily diet, Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ will help you restore gut health and maintain good health.

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Support Blood Sugar Balance

A diet rich in whole grains such as lentils and fiber helps reduce insulin resistance thus contributing to better blood sugar control. Research indicates that digestive health is crucial in treating and preventing pre-diabetes, PCOS and diabetes. The synergy between probiotic bacteria and naturally occurring prebiotic fiber and resistant starch found in Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ is crucial for balancing the gut bacteria and achieving stable blood glucose.

Weight Management

Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ for weight management contains complex low glycemic index carbohydrates from lentils and is high fiber and protein contributing to early satiety. Most current research data indicates that diet high in prebiotic and probiotic aids in weight management. Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ contains 1 Billion CFU of probiotic and is a rich of naturally occurring prebiotic fibers and protein.

Digestive Health

Constipation, acid reflux, irregular appetite, cravings, feeling of heaviness are all signs of poor digestive health. Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ uniquely combines 1 Billion CFU of probiotics with lentils which are high in diverse prebiotic fibers, both soluble and non-soluble fiber to promote colon health and restore and maintain the digestive regularity.

Heart & Stroke

Diet rich in whole grains, lentils and both soluble and non-soluble fiber are crucial for heart health. Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ contains 50% of your day’s fiber requirement. It is rich in soluble, non-soluble fiber and resistance starch which plays crucial role in regulating cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure level.


80% of the immune system is in the digestive system. Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ contains the complex and diverse prebiotic fiber, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial turmeric and 1 Billion CFU of a Probiotic strain. This powerful combination will help you remove the ill effects of medicines, antibiotics, poor eating habits, stress, environmental toxins, chronic health conditions and other chemicals in your body.

Brain Health

Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ for brain health: scientists now think that, ADD, anxiety, depression OCD, schizophrenia could be linked to digestive health. Gut is now considered as a second brain. Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ contains combination of prebiotic, probiotic, turmeric, folic acid and many naturally occurring nutrients needed to detox the accumulated chemicals and heal the gut lining.

Sustained Energy

Deepa’s Lentil Bits™ is minimally processed. ProDigest Daily combines protein, low glycemic carbohydrates, slow digesting and nourishing prebiotic fiber along with iron contributing to sustain energy. The research indicates that probiotic rich foods improve sport performance.

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