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Deepa Deshmukh


“A great care and an abundance of positive energy have gone into making these bits and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to share them with you”

During clinical practice I have seen thousands of patients and have observed that when patients are encourage to eat plant-based diets that included legumes, their gut health improved. That relationship between consumption of legumes and improved gut health has also been noted in recent research in the field of nutrition..

Other health outcomes I have observed in association with routine addition of legumes to patient’s’ diets were improvements in immune response and digestion along with nutrient absorption. That is, I started seeing a reversal of many chronic conditions that my patients had been fighting for years.

To help with their diets, I developed recipes, products, and meal plans using a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients, which mainly included legumes, turmeric, herbs, and spices. However, I observed that the major roadblock for patients in consuming legumes on a daily basis was a lack of time and familiarity with these wonderful ingredients. As a result, patients were missing vital nutrients such as prebiotic fiber, iron, protein, and many micronutrients found in legumes. This observation prompted me to look for minimally-processed, ready-to-eat, lentil-based ingredients. I was particularly intrigued by the prebiotic content of lentils and realized that food manufacturers have overlooked the potential of lentils as a prebiotic source.

Specifically, the market did not have ready-to-eat lentils in a flake form that is portable, accessible, and with an unlimited potential for every day application.

After collaborating with a manufacturer who is equally passionate about beans and legumes, and after three years of hard work, a minimally-processed, sprouted, ready-to-eat lentil flake, infused with turmeric, fruit and vegetable extract, and probiotic, was born. These crunchy bits are the main ingredient in the formulation of the Deepa’s Lentil Bits product line.

Great care and an abundance of positive energy have gone into making these bits and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to share them with you.

Deepa's Lentil Bits

Deepa’s Lentil Bits is a Ready To Eat great tasting crunchy addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.
It’s designed to purify, balance, and strengthen the digestive system.

The digestive system starts in the mouth and contains 80% of your immunity system.

Deepa’s Lentil Bits contains both healthy PROBIOTIC strains and healthy PREBIOTIC fiber.

Constipation, acid reflux, irregular appetite, cravings, feeling of heaviness are all signs of poor digestive health. Deepa’s Lentil Bits uniquely combines 1 Billion CFU of probiotics with lentils which are high in diverse prebiotic fibers, both soluble and non-soluble fiber to promote colon health and restore and maintain the digestive regularity.

There are 10 trillion or so bacteria, collectively called the probiotic bacteria which resides in your digestive system. The probiotic bacteria participate in nutrient breakdown, assimilation and absorption of food you eat. The PREBIOTIC fiber provides essential nutrients needed to support these massive colonies of PROBIOTIC bacteria. There is a synergy between the probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber that is essential for a healthy body.


Deepa's Lentil Bits helps you purify the digestive system. Deepa's Lentil Bits contains the complex and diverse prebiotic fiber, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial turmeric and 1 billion CFU of a proprietary Probiotic strain. This powerful combination will help you remove the ill effects of medicines, antibiotics, poor eating habits, stress, environmental toxins, chronic health conditions and other chemicals in your body.


Deepa's Lentil Bits helps you balance the digestive system. Deepa's Lentil Bits contains 1 billion CFU of healthy probiotic bacteria and 50% of your daily fiber intake and up to 6gms of prebiotic fiber. This synergetic combination will help you restore and maintain your digestive function and helps you achieve a healthy body.


Deepa's Lentil Bits helps you strengthen the digestive system. Deepa's Lentil Bits contains 11gms of protein, 13gms of fiber, is a rich source of iron, folic acid and many other micronutrients that are found in whole foods. All of these nutrients along with 1 billion probiotic and prebiotic fiber will help you absorb and utilize the nutrients effectively and efficiently.


  • Mr and Mrs K

    Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ a one of a kind concept…..we started following allergen free diets and are moving away from meat. I travel a lot and wanted an vegetarian alternative that was high in protein, low glycemic, and focused on digestive health…..these flakes have it all. A great product….I have used it as a cereal with almond milk and nuts or I add it to my oatmeal or much on the bag through out the day….so many ways to eat it and is packed with nothing but goodness….Mr and Mrs K

  • N M

    I have been enjoying Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ a lot….. it adds new twist to my everyday foods because it is plain and can be used in savory and sweet dishes or I like munching on it as it is…..I have tried it with fruits, yogurt, nuts and savory with some salsa and avocados….N M

  • S K

    As a vegetarian it is difficult to find a snack that is tasty, packed with protein, fiber, iron and has probiotics…..these flakes accomplish all that and  that I never feel guilty about eating it and helps me feel full for a long time.  I gave some to my college going daughter to have it handy as she is a vegetarian and ready to eat protein options are so limited on the campuses. She is been enjoying it a lot and finds it very useful. The combination of prebiotic, probiotic with all other nutrients to improve digest health makes is a very dynamic and powerful product….S K

  • P T

    I decided to lightly stir fry the flakes with oil and some Mediterranean spices and then some with chilli and indian curry powder  with nuts and it was amazing….it gave me alternative to  fried Indian goodies that we eat. The Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ is crunchy and texture is just right for healthy easy meal or snack. I can mix it with rice and vegetables and turn it into a meal…P T

  • JC

    I tried the Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ with yogurt for the first time and really enjoyed the crunch….I had the flakes in there for few minutes and still noticed the crunch which was good…..A perfect duo of pro and prebiotics with powerful turmeric as an anti oxidant. I am going to try is a bread crumbs and many other ways…. JC

  • Jamie Z

    When a friend suggested Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™, I did not know what to expect….but it said superfood and I liked the high fiber and protein content so decided to get it and try it in yogurt as a topping and OMG I am hooked…since then I have tried it salads, with quinoa, yogurts, granola mixes and just right out the bag… is a very feeling and versatile mighty little healthy flake!! Sine then I have introduced it to my co workers and family members who have never tried lentils before and they all love it…Jamie Z

  • Tammy

    I made a big pot of soup the other day with lot of vegetables, broth, garlic, seasonings and instead of adding crackers or croutons…decided to add Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ …….what a complete and delicious meal that was!!! Eager to try more of it…Tammy

  • Linda M

    The Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ was what I was looking for……a ready to eat lentil which is crunchy, easy to use and has minimum additives, I have never seen such an ingredient before….I was not a lentil fan but the flexibility of using the flakes  anyway I want it has opened up new way to try lentils…Linda M

  • Rita B

    I carried Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ when I was travelling and I used it with yogurt, added it to the salad, mixed it with nuts and at one time added some hot water from the coffee shop and turned it into a soup with some salt and pepper for extra flavor….being a vegetarian this was a great product to have with me  when travelling.  It offers protein, fiber and helps feeling full for long time…Rita B

  • Megan

    The Deepa’s Sprouted Lentil Flakes™ offered me the option of having no sugar crunchy flakes and then add it to the savory and sweet dishes. The serving size is perfect…it can be substituted as a meat or vegetable which is great. The fiber protein and the pre and probiotic combination makes it nutritionally superior and unique. The addition of turmeric makes it really powerful. I went on a hike and this was the perfect food to carry as it is free of allergens, crunchy, easy to carry and has so many uses…Megan