The Easy PROVEN 5-Day Detox That Will Cut Your Cravings, Restore Energy, & Help You Lose Weight

Refresh & Reset your wellness goals!

Did you fall off the wagon after the holidays? Looking to do a cleanse that actually gets results FAST? Start your 5 day detox program to clean the junk out and restore energy.

This program is for you if...

1. you have CRAVINGS...

You will learn how to nourish your body and stop your cravings.

2. you are ready to CHANGE your eating habits...

You have tried everything and are tired of feeling low with energy and tired of struggling throughout the day; you are ready to make a change.

3. want to lose weight THE RIGHT WAY...

You will learn how to stop “eating” and start “nourishing” your body. That is the key to weight loss.

4. you need a STARTING POINT or PLAN...

You will be given easy flavorful recipes, easy meal plan, and an easy grocery list so you can start immediately

Frequently asked questions

How long does this really take?

The Detox plan is for 5 days. During this time you are nourishing your body with essential nutrients it needs. Our experience with other clients indicates that they start to feel great in as little as 2 days and many times have told us that they want to continue for another 2-3 days after the 5 day time limit!

Is there a lot of prep work involved?
The 5 Day Detox plan involves focusing on various nutrient dense foods. Most vegetables that are used are either available in the grocery store pre chopped or pre cut or frozen. The total meal prep time is 15-20 minutes per day. In addition you can make ahead and freeze some of your options, salad dressings and meals!
What do I do after the 5 day detox is over?

5 Day Detox is over! You did it and you’re feeling it! This is your opportunity to start making small yet meaningful changes. Continue to include the foods that you were eating during detox.

Continue to focus on meal planning, meal prep to make delicious meals.

Focus on eliminating processed foods and toxins ( through food and environmental) from your daily diet.

Contact us for more meal plans, Power Me Up 4 Step Weight loss program.

Do I have to renew a subscription for this?

Not at all! Your purchase guarantees lifetime access to the 5 Day Detox. That means this toolkit will be available to you whenever you need it so you can come to the holidays and celebrations prepared.

Will this work for my diet?

The plan is gluten, egg free, dairy free and focuses on plant based nutrient dense foods. It does not have any protein powders or drinks

Will I have to buy a bunch of weird food?

Does buying fruits and vegetables sound weird to you? We hope not as these foods are packed with nutrients that are not only going to help you detox but at the same time help replenish your cells with nutrients.

There are no weird powders or pills involved!


I have been going to Deepa since September and I have been able to lose 31 lbs. I have been able to make significant changes in my diet that have helped me become happier and more successful with losing weight. Having Deepa as a resource has helped me get recipe ideas and encouragement to keep going. I am extremely grateful for decision I made to go to her.

Estela G.

Deepa has been supportive in my recovery and has helped me maintain my veganism throughout. She also respects my holistic approach to recovery and that’s something I really appreciate.

Mick S.

Deepa is a wonderful person and a wonderful dietitian who genuinely cares about the health of the people she takes care of. I have type 1 diabetes and with her help I am feeling more in control and full of more energy! My problem was always inconsistentcy with meal planning and finding the right meals or even going out to get the ingredients! But working with her helped me stay on track and set a stable healthy diet. Diets may sound scary to certain people, but taking one step at a time and with help, it makes it easier to get and stay on track even if you may have your off days. Deepa is very willing to help out in any way she can and to get over the humps or difficulties and work with you to be the best you you can be!

Alex P.

5-Day Detox Meal Plan (Indian Flavor)


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