Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Health Transformation Programs

Is it possible to prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease?

YES! When you address the root cause of high blood glucose, high cholesterol and blood pressure and start repairing the damaged cells, the body will respond and you will start seeing lower blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure readings! It can happen in record times as early as 2-3 weeks.

How will lifestyle programs help me transform my health?

The program protocol are designed to help you wake up refreshed, have energy through the day, get rid of pain, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, digestive issues, feeling of “hangry” so you can have time and energy to play with your kids, friends, family, fit into your favorite cloths, take a vacation and have a joyful social life. Once you address the root cause and fix the brain-gut connection your health is transformed.

I have tried it all, why should I enroll in Health transformation programs?

You are not the only one. Most people are yo – yo dieters.
Our programs have been developed based on our years of experience working with the yo – Yo dieters. The calorie counting, point systems, meal deliveries, paleo or keto diet plans, diet apps. All of them fail because none of them address the root cause of diabetes, obesity, heart disease. We believe that when we provide culturally competent easy steps and strategies to take and provide timely support to prevent and recover from relapse that is what makes people feel excited about making and sticking to the changes.

Are the health transformation programs right for various ethnic diets?

Yes of course! We provide recipes, meal guides that suits your ethnic food preferences. You will be excited to eat your meals and snacks. We specialize in ethnic diets and recipes.

Is this program suitable for allergen free diets ( gluten free, dairy free)?

Yes, our powerful meal plans and recipes are all allergen free and contain the appropriate substitute.

Do you recommend restricting food to achieve good results?

Our powerful meal plans, recipes allow you to consume traditional foods, beverages and most importantly do NOT restrict carbohydrates! Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how much food is available for them to eat!

Are the Health Transformation programs sustainable?

These health transformation program are sustainable because those who follow it feel the difference. Our clients experience abundant energy, restful sleep and weight loss that has allowed them to pursue travel, hobbies (hiking, dancing, cooking), be active, fit into favorite clothes, increase productivity at work and get the promotion, have fulfilling sexual life, wake up refreshed and happy! All this without depriving themselves of food or spending hours at the gym and without feeling guilty! This experience has made hundreds of people feel happy and stay motivated to follow the program!

Do I still need to take my medications and insulin?

As you start following the recommendations and start seeing the change, you will have to talk to your DR and have him stop or start lowering the medication dose. Eventually you can get rid of all your medications related to diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure. Please note that 90 out of 100 people managing (yet uncontrolled) diabetes and cholesterol with medication may have heart attacks within 15- 20 years (approximately). Medication alone is just not effective.

I have Pre diabetes and slightly elevated cholesterol and on low dose of medications is it too early to join the program?

It is important to understand that medications do not address the root cause and may delay the complications but never prevent or reverse the disease. The sooner you join the quicker the reversal will be and you may be able to prevent from having heart attacks, strokes in the future. Relying on medication to halt the progress is just not possible.

Does your program take into account work-life situations that make managing diabetes, weight, blood pressure difficult?

We understand the challenges of daily life such as non supportive family, traveling, social events, holidays, religious ceremonies, long commute, busy work schedule and more. We intend to provide you with the solution and strategies to deal with all that. We have weekly group meetings, 24/7 chat support, daily tips to overcome these challenges and best of all if you “fall off the wagon”. We are there to give you tips and tools to get back on ASAP.

What about if I have unique situation and question?

Our webinars/meetings should allow you to ask us any question you may have about your health. You will also have access to send us a chat message with your questions in between the sessions through our APP.

FAQs for Meal Plans

Where can I receive text or email updates about your products?

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