Lower A1c Naturally Program

Want To Lower A1c Naturally WITHOUT Giving up Carbs and Doing Long Workouts? Get a 4-step plan to get started!

💪🏻 Action Phase (12 weeks)

  • Onboarding video
  • 📋Assessment to understand your eating habits, routine, slip-off areas, and other health issues via free Sunev App
  • 🎥Weekly educational video to learn what, why and how to make changes
  • 🎯4-step process to understand the root cause of high A1c% and how to reverse it
  • 🛒Gets easy-to-follow ethnic meal plan, grocery list, recipes, quick, easy meal ideas, and cooking tips designed by Nutritionist Deepa
  • 📸Picture-based food log to get feedback from Nutritionist
  • 📉Get ideas to avoid cravings, have energy and peaceful sleep to boost metabolism
  • 🙋🏽‍♀️Nudges to stay on track and learn about culinary skills

⚙️ Maintenance Phase (9 months)

  • 🙋🏽‍♀️Monthly live Q and A with Nutritionist Deepa
  • 🎯Strategies to stay accountable and engaged
  • 🎯Strategies to stay on track during holidays, vacations, social events, celebrations
  • 📽️videos to learn about cooking, self-care, physical activity, sleep, mindful eating
  • 💬Chat, text, and phone support
  • 💵The introductory price for the program is $500 ( The cost is for the tailored educational content based program delivered via a free digital app based platform )

Please contact us for program cost.

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